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[뉴스] RIP, RDP... nearly: Security house Check Point punches holes in remote desktop tools [ Mon Feb 11 2019]
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11th February 2019

staffer looks on as RDP client software does its not-so-sweet work

RIP, RDP... nearly: Security house Check Point punches holes in remote desktop tools

25 bugs, three Windows and Linux clients – endless pwnage

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Alleged SIM swapping crypto-crooks cuffed, iOS app snooping, ad-fraud botnets, and more

All your extra bits and bytes of this week's infosec news in less than 5 minutes

Big trouble Down Under as Australian MPs told to reset their passwords amid hack attack fears

'No evidence that any data has been accessed time' say Australian officials as fingers pointed at foreign spies

Cop films chap on body-worn cam because he 'complains about cops a lot'. Chap complains

Snooping court says police kit can be covert surveillance tool

Webroot dunked in Carbonite: Should be quite well protected – if it survives the freezing process, that is

Backup biz slurps security firm for $618.5m

Leaky child-tracking smartwatch maker hits back at bad PR

We're not convinced 'people who want to harm kids will follow the kid, not the watch' is a great comeback

EE customer: Creepy ex used employee access to change my mobile number, spy on me

Chap slapped with harassment warning, sacked from UK mobile network

Housing biz made to pay £1.5k for sticking fingers in its ears when served a subject access request

If someone asks for their data, you give it to them, scolds ICO

US lawmakers furious (again) as mobile networks caught (again) selling your emergency location data to bounty hunters (again)

Privacy advocates stunned that explicit rules ignored, blame head of FCC

Apple puts bullet through 'Do Not Track', FaceTime snooping bug and iOS vulnerabilities

Patch your iThings – there are at least two holes being exploited right now in the wild

Mumsnet data leak: Moaning parents could see other users' privates after cloud migration

Change reversed while forum probes how many affected

Trakt app users' personal data exposed: We were hit by a 'PHP exploit'... back in 2014

No payment info, but users' names, locations, email addies etc all 'lost'

At least Sony offered a t-shirt, says macOS flaw finder: Bug bounties now for Macs if you want this 0-day, Apple

Cupertino's tight-wads called out by fella who found password, private key leak

Who are the last people you'd expect to spill thousands of student records? A computer science dept? What a fantastic guess

O(1)? More like O(h) n(O)! Proto-boffins' info leaks out

It's 2019, and a PNG file can pwn your Android smartphone or tablet: Patch me if you can

Malicious Bluetooth signals, too, it looks like

Accused hacker Lauri Love to sue National Crime Agency to retrieve confiscated computing kit

Using Police Property Act 1897 to get PCs, storage devices back, representing himself in court

London's Met police confess: We made just one successful collar in latest facial recog trial

Force will run 1 more full-day rollout after snow stopped play

I won't bother hunting and reporting more Sony zero-days, because all I'd get is a lousy t-shirt

It's 2019. Should billion-dollar corps do better than offer swag for vulns?

Google: All your leaked passwords are belong to us – here's a Chrome extension to find them

And I'm OK with this, says chief of HaveIBeenPwned

Webcast: Arm yourself before you go threat hunting in 2019

Join Carbon Black at livestreamed event based on global independent research

RIP, RDP... nearly: Security house Check Point punches holes in remote desktop tools

25 bugs, three Windows and Linux clients – endless pwnage

Original WWII German message decrypts to go on display at National Museum of Computing

Colossal intercepts are just the Bombe

Fake fuse: Bloke admits selling counterfeit chips for use in B-1 bomber, other US military gear

E-waste partly to blame for proliferation of deceptively marketed silicon

Hi, Jack'd: A little PSA for anyone using this dating-hook-up app... Anyone can slurp your private, public snaps

Vuln exposing intimate snaps left open for 'months' – you may want to delete your pics

Boffin suggests Trappist monk approach for Spectre-Meltdown-grade processor flaws, other security holes: Don't say anything public – zip it

Prof asks: What good comes from letting everyone know a vulnerability exists?

LibreOffice patches malicious code-execution bug, Apache OpenOffice – wait for it, wait for it – doesn't

Remote scripting flaw in open-source productivity suites is at least partly fixed

European Commission orders mass recall of creepy, leaky child-tracking smartwatch

Hackers can talk to and locate the wearer, warns notice