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[뉴스] LEDs Magazine , LEDs Magazine Newsletter 07 November 2018
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LEDs Magazine 
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LEDs Newsletter | November 7, 2018



LTF's COBi Chip on Board LEDs Offer Dim-to-Warm and CRI 95+, R9 95+

All these features packed into one little chip? That's amazing! How do we do it? We're not telling. But here's what we can tell you... LTF's COBi is the all-in-one solution featuring: Single channel Dim-to-Warm - 3000k dims to 1800k  |  Museum grade color rendering, CRI 95+, R9 90+  |  Powerful 1800 lumen output  |  Ideal for new and retrofit applications  |  Perfect COB for your light engines.

Learn More at LTFtechnology.com

Welcome to the LEDs Magazine weekly newsletter for Nov. 7, 2018. Our colleagues at Lux are in the home stretch preparing for the annual LuxLive event in London Nov. 14-15. Our UK-based editor Mark Halper will host a conference within a conference entitled Property Technology Live that will focus on the move towards smart lighting and smart buildings in commercial spaces.

Smart solid-state lighting (SSL) is clearly a top theme in both indoor and outdoor spaces as much of our recent coverage suggests. Outdoors, the TALQ Consortium has made strides in establishing a standard protocol for communications between a CMS (central management software) system and a network in the form of gateways, controllers, and sensors. A recent plugfest in Spain demonstrated that CMS platforms from multiple vendors worked seamlessly with multiple types of networks. And interoperability could be key in igniting widespread uptake.

Back to the commercial property space, Osram has added an Internet of Things (IoT) software partnership for its connectivity offerings. The deal means that Rifiniti's Optimo software that can optimize office space utilization will work with luminaires designed around Osram's drivers and SensiLUM sensors. We hosted a video Q&A earlier this year from LightFair International explaining the architecture and features of SensiLUM.

Connected lighting technology has long been in play in facade lighting projects for buildings, bridges, and other landmarks, and the implementations continue to escalate in scale and dynamic features. And the trend crosses the globe. Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), for example, has supplied such a system for the China World Trade Center Tower B in Beijing. Animations can run from the bottom to the top of the structure.

We have a number of other information resources freely available to you. If you missed our webcast last week, Wirepas did a very thorough job of describing the specific challenges of wireless networks covering large commercial spaces. On Nov. 13, Arm will present on data security in connected systems.

Of course, we remain dedicated to the advances of LEDs as a light source. We will have a webcast focused on that topic Nov. 27 with experts that worked on the new IES TM-35 standard that documents chromaticity shift. You can also expect plenty of LED technology info at Strategies in Light 2019 and it's not too early to make your plans to attend.

We also had a feature article in our October issue that examined the most recent LED announcements from all of the packaged LED vendors. You can also access that article and all of issues via our digital magazine reader to which subscribers get seamless access.

Headline News

$subtitles.get($x)Real estate industry takes the spotlight at LuxLive 
Smart lighting will need the property industry's backing if it is to really take off. It could be happening already, judging by next week's annual exhibition and conference. 


$subtitles.get($x)It's a skyscraper! It's an office complex! It's an LED screen! 
Signify turns the 1000-ft+ China World Trade Center tower into a top-to-bottom ornamental light show. 


$subtitles.get($x)Osram adds to IoT stable with software partnership 
An alliance with Rifiniti makes data-based workplace analytics available as an IoT service to Osram customers. 


$subtitles.get($x)TALQ plugs smart city networks 
Globally, cities are contemplating smart-city application deployment that can rely on networked LED-based outdoor lighting as a backbone, and the TALQ Consortium has demonstrated interoperability among software from multiple vendors at a Valencia, Spain plugfest. 


Top Stories Recap

What were the hot topics in the past month? 
We look at the trending stories from October that pushed readers' buttons, with business deals and intelligent IoT stuff catching attention.
1. Shhhh… Acuity sells Spanish company Carandini
2. Swedish lighting manufacturer Fagerhult agrees to buy Italy's iGuzzini
3. IoT theme pervades SALC, Eaton debuts a new LED street-light camera
4. Osram launches building management tools, free of lights 


New test method characterizes color shift in LEDs 
On Nov. 27, Ralph Tuttle, technical coordinator of the IESNA TM-35 Working Group; and Eric Bretschneider, SSL industry consultant and product developer, present the model behind the new TM-35 IES standard. 

IoT experts address a burning question about smart building philosophy 
Is it "smart" to give users much control of the systems in a networked commercial building? Our latest webcast speakers talk about their view on usability, functionality, and flexible lighting controls in smart buildings. 

Get a handle on four steps to secure smart lighting 
The most efficient way to collect data securely in connected spaces is through an IoT-powered lighting system. A Nov. 13 webcast presented by Arm's Aniruddha Deodhar will cover the foundation for a secure smart lighting system, with a live demonstration on how to assemble such a system based on readily available modules and software stacks. 

Peruse our whitepaper knowledge base 
Topics ranging from SSL design and assembly to test & measurement and energy efficiency, smart applications, and more are presented in our whitepaper library stocked with industry-leading information. 

Industry News & Products

Find out what companies are doing in the LED & lighting industry 
ASABE announces publication of a new lighting standard for horticulture
Bridgelux advances 1 SDCM consistency and new dynamic white LED modules